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I sent 2 separate shipments with LBC - pick up dates were Sept 12th and Sept 26th. Both were promptly picked up at the appointed time. Things started to go awry when I started tracking my first shipment - no info online until after I sent several messages and made a few phone calls. Probably to appease me, they entered a pick up date of Oct 3rd and not the actual date of Sept 12th - very strange, but if it arrived in the Phillipines on the first week of November, it will be fine. Question is, did my box disappear for 3 weeks? It appears that the second box I sent on Sept 26th have been properly handles.

the reason i sent 2 separate shipments was because i didn't want to bring heavy luggage on my Philippine trip as i sent my personal items as well.

Two days before I left, i tried tracking the shipments again and found out that I would arrive before my shipment on Nov 5th. I had to buy everything contained in the shipment so that i can use something when I got there. I left the country on Dec 8th and neither of the boxes have arrived. The second box arrived December 15th with the original box still in transit. What gives?

An co-worker of mine who had a bad experience with LBC sent a box through another company mid-October to Baguio and her family received their package on the first week of December... Hmmm, should consumers start looking elsewhere for better service than what LBC has to offer?

What is going on in the Vancouver depot of LBC? Kindly have your customer service people correspond directly with all locations so that they are qualified to give answers over the phone rather than pull random updates out of thin air.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Lack of communication, Poor service, Bad experience--delayed delivery.

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Well your experience with LBC is familiar to me with the services offered by Manila Express. They to lost my package for over three months.

And when they delivered the package all the contents in both my boxes were damaged, rusted, broken, and both boxes opened. They will not respond to my complaints. Nor will they replace or refund due to their lack of customer satisfaction as they promise to. I will be filing a complaint in their service with the BBB here in British Columbia Canada.

As the service i received was horrible.

With customer service at a low in their care or concern. Very sad to say the least.


The port of Manila is suffering from a hugs backlog of containers due to the lack of proper facilities and the heavy traffic in Metro Manila.

The shipping companies are not to blame.

to Anonymous #1147910

Had they given that as an excuse, i might have some clue at least as to the status of the shipments. But as it was then, they has no idea where the box was nor were any response to my various queries.

The box I sent on Sep 12th, was finally delivered on the evening of Dec 31st.

I appreciate the effort of the receiving depot and do not blame the "honest" workers.

What gets my goose is the lack of information being passed on to the once loyal customers. I am currently using another broker for the boxes we send, although a bit more expensive, i find that they under-promise but over-perform in their commitment to perform the task they have sold.

Too bad for LBC, I along with my many friends have switched to UMAC.

to Anonymous #1413508

This is true. Once a cargo box is loaded onto the ship ,there's very little that the local shipping company (Vancouver, in this case) can do.

It's now up to the ship and receiving port to process the boxes. Don't blame Vancouver, they are wonderful.


Hi Sir/Ma'am! May we ask for the tracking # of your shipment so we could verify its latest status and whereabouts or you may direct your concerns to us thru our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LBCexpress or call our hotline at 02-8585-999 (Manila) and 1-800-10-8585-999 for Provincial. Thanks and have a good day!

to LBCExpressSupport North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #939647

you guys are so funny. you erase all the comments on your facebook page - why even bother. just fix your company's deficiencies before even trying to lamely attempt to pacify customers frustrations with more unsubstantiated answers.

to LBCExpressSupport Loganville, Georgia, United States #940163

Why do you insist on using FB or twitter? Better if you actually answer the email sent to customer support.

LBC has gone downhill.

Never again.

last shipment send late October. LBC has no idea where it is, I give up.

to LBCExpressSupport #1001683

how could you say have a great day? you're murdering the line stop it ! do what you have to do

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada #918255

Few years ago, also we sent 10boxes to the Philippines to my hometown Baguio City, it arrived 2 -3 weeks later than it was expected. We kept on asking for the replacement boxes but they kept saying they ran out of boxes until we just gave up.

So what gives? where will we ask for the boxes now?

It's been a while? Can you please advise who to contact and call for us to be able to get the free boxes?


Hello anonymous, can you tell us me the shipping company your friend used. I don't want to ship through LBC,.. Thanks

to silverwings North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #918124

Hello Silverwings,

My officemate used UMAC to send her package to Baguio. Package was sent mid October and was received first week of December.

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