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I sent money to Cebu on Nov 11/10 for my daughter's birthday and was not delivered because the bank account I sent to was closed. They waited until I called to checked. They didn't call to advice and claimed they sent a notice which I never received.

So, I decided to have the money sent using the "Door-to-door" service on Dec. 21/10 (Take note it's 1 month already!)Then my daughter told me that she still has not received the money. I went to LBC-Los Angeles branch to check but there is no explanation made but rather I was given a number to call to follow up. Unbelievable!

Then I asked back my money instead and was just plainly told I have to wait for 10 days. LBC had my money for over 30 days and I need to wait for 10 more days. Seriously? That is worse than the credit card dispute charge refund.

I gave them another chance, I told them to make sure to have the money delivered within the day 12/28/10 in the Philippines. My daughter called LBC Cebu and was told they will follow up Manila where the money is. Arrrrrrrrgh!!!! I am so pissed off.

Now I have to go back to LBC Los Angeles and to ask my money back and wait for 10 days. Goodness gracious! Is there a service worse than this???????

LBC- Wake Up! Train your people how to give service, they do not even know how to apologize nor empathize to my situation. I will post this complaint to Facebook and Tweeter for the world to know.... That will make us even!

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Hi Ma'am/Sir

We apologize for what had happened to your delivery, we could further help you out if you provide your contact information on this page or through pm (for LBC facebook account) or DM (for LBC Twitter account) we would like to help you and still deliver our company's policy. Again we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience

Our facebook page is:

Our Twitter page: @LBCexpress

-LBC Express Team


i think there are people in lbc doing nothing but to get somebody's money or cargo.

my friend in Milpitas CA send me a digicam last dec.2010. LBC pasay exchange acknowledged it that they received it last dec 15, 2010.

Many calls had been made and emails had been sent but til now march 8 2011 the digicam hasn't been given to me ...ohh btw they had returned the freight worth 50 $, nice businesss huh, ill send a digicam worth 200$ or more, pay the LBC 50$ freight and somebody from LBC take it and they will return your 50$ freight.Cheaters!

Can' trust LBC.Dont trust it!!! i want my camera

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