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We came to shipped a guitar package @ 2:3o Pm I LBC Woodside. The door was locked. There were 3 customers inside. So we stood outside distancing too! There was one person ahead Id us waiting outside.. No sign in sheets in place when we came. Then An LBC employee, his name was John came out & told us to sign in our names & Telephone number! Then he said to go away, *** call us when its our turn. Since the package was 14 lbs, heavy, I requested if we can just leave it inside & well come back. He got so upset with that request, that he was screaming at us on the sidewalk. So I told him, to lower his voice because we can hear him. That upset him mor. He said if we can not wait, we can go next door to Johnny air to send our package! An hour latera man came with balikbayan box and he said to the man, that he can leave his package & comeback. When I heard I again, asked him if we could do the same, leave our package & comeback. At first he said no, but when I told him , why he allowed the other to leave his package & not us, he thought about that & agreed.

2hours later,a woman left the Lbc office after doing her transaction , so I went in because there wer inly2 customer inside, before it was3. I asked him for the forms to fill out, since our name is next to be called. He reluctantly gave it to

Me, and told me to fill it outside when I said , Im the 3rd person there, he got mad!! He said go outside screaming at me or *** call the police. So I told him, go ahead, call the police, because my toes are frozen and Im very cold! I want to let the police see a 71 years old, handicapped person being threatened by this man!! Then he called somebody on the phone, I figure its somebody above him. In front of me he told him I was creating a commotion outside and he is calling the police!! Which is really a bigLie!! 3.5 hours later, the only lady customer left and he still didnt call me , even if Im next in line. Took him anothe 15 minutes before he did . And he called me and 1 other person. Then he measured my box and just put it on the roller . Without examining whats inside the box nor opening it. So I asked him if he wants to see whats inside and he said no!! Then he attended to the next customer without taping my box. He gave the paper to be paid to the cashier! Meanwhile he was taping proper the next customer box and took his payment. That customer was ahead of me and his box properly taped! I asked him to seal my box if he is not going it open it and he said no!!! *** do it when everyone leaves!! I told him , Im not leaving until my box is sealed. HRA said then I can wait all night!! But the cashier whispered something to him and he grudgingly tape the box very minimally! The cashier , her name is Lou, realizes what he was doing and tried me but he stopped her, saying not to lift because she just had a tooth extractions! Now , Im concerned about my package, that he might damage it. I wanted to open it and took pictures of the guitar but bi dont want him nor aggravated!! I paid $176 to send a guitar!! Hope it will come in good condition and not damage!!

Thank you and I do hope to hear from you about this complaint! Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lbc Express Express Delivery Service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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