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So, I send my 2 balikbayan boxes on August 20th expecting to be in the Philippines around the first week of October. Instead LBC decided to keep my box sitting here in the U.S.

for one month before actually departing U.S. port. And on the tracking website it delayed three times.... THREE TIMES.

First it said estimated arrival would be October 16, which was okay, it would be understandable, but out of nowhere it changed to October 23rd, NOW November 3!! This is unbelievable. What ever happened to your "35-45 day" delivery? I even called U.S.

Customs to confirm if there was any holds on any LBC shipment containers and they said they had no holds whatsoever for LBC since August. What is seriously going on LBC? The incoherent explinations you guys are making about why customers boxes are delayed, missing, damaged, stolen, makes it even more shady to trust and use your services in the future. Please dont use excuses as " Oh, Customs put a hold on the shipment OR its ship/vessel congestion" any person with a computer nowadays can research and or call the ports and or customs if there is such delays.

This was my first and now LAST time using your shipping services. Thank You.

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Dear lbc,yong box ko ang expected date darating is june 15 tapos ngayon nakikita ko nasa custom processing to make sure na makarating dun sa pupuntahan niya,nasa pangangalaga niyo ang mga cargo namin at nagbabayad kami ng maayos at dapat maayos din makarating dun dahil 1st time e talagang magwawala ako kong mangyayari ang hindi maganda sa box namin,hopefully maayos at walang butas butas ang box!at sana makrating this week na aantayin namin,dahil lumampas na ng isang linggo pagbigyan namin ng isa pang linggo!hopefully,hopefully talaga!

Antique, Antique, Philippines #934098


Never again shall I use LBC Express, my small box was dropped off September 2014 in Delano California and sat for well over a month in the LBC Delano branch, now it shows its FOR CUSTOMS PROCESSING since 1/12/2015..... I'll be surprised if my box is ever delivered and intact.

A robot's reply saying how sorry it is and apologize will only show me it doesn't truly care, it may as well just say "W H A T E V E R" and not that phony, "have a blessed day."


We apologize for what had happened to your delivery, we could further help you out if you provide your tracking number and contact information on this page or through pm (for LBC facebook account) or DM (for LBC Twitter account) we would like to help you and still deliver our company's policy. Again we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience

Our facebook page is: facebook.com/lbcexpress

Our Twitter page: @LBCexpress

-LBC Express Team

to LBCExpressSupport #1001682

you have to copy paste this one mate since there were thousands who need this statement due to your services

to Anonymous Elkhart, Indiana, United States #1110142

They do this to avoid confrontation. Tell an angry customer what the customer wants to hear, that way the CSR is off the hook for answering difficult questions.

Don't know if it is intentional lying or just evasion to keep the 'nosebleeds' down.

Truth be known, LBC, if you honestly told the customers what is going on, and stuck to it, then you would be respected. As it is new time customers, like myself deal with the shaded truth, the misrepresentations, and long periods of no communications from your firm.


naupdate na yung akin, nasa port na raw


kelan kaya madedeliver yan.

Vancouver, Washington, United States #895806

They are VERY inconsistant in shipping and worse yet in tracking. Have not been able to get on their tracking site in months.

I'm about to use Forex again.

Manila, Philippines #895491

we practically had the same issue with them. They lied about US customs, they always say that US customs held the shipment etc, but my husband know someone from US customs, asked about LBC shipments and said that there has never been any problems with LBC shipments and that it will only take 24 hours for the paperworks to be signed and they're good to go.

They lie and they hide.

None from their management team will ever bother to talk to very angry customers. They let their incompetent customer service agents, who know nothing about what's really going on to talk to customers and answer like robots I'm sorry sir/ma'am, we are sorry you feel that way....duh, hopefully they will be investigated, I am talking to some people to file a formal complaint and have media notified about what's going on....maybe they'll wake up

Manila, Manila, Philippines #895098

Going thru the same. I wish I have research this *** shipping service bs LBC its a POS like you said the last time!

Even so called "friend" referred us to this POS but i know now to research everything EVEN mum refers me! RIP miss u mami!

Quezon City, Manila, Philippines #893228

Agree! AUDIT and INVESTIGATE the Company or SHUT it down!


grabe. parehas tayo ng vessel departure malamang parehas din tayo ng container.

mas nauna pa ako nagpadala sayo galing ng las vegas. wala na ata silang naloloko kaya antagal mapuno ng container nila

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