I sent a small package of very important documents to the Philippines from the United States it ended up in Philippine customs then from there it ended up in LBC hands from what I understand. I mailed my package on August 14th 2020 today is December the 1st 2020 and the package still is not in the hands of the receiver.

Every time I inquire about the package no one seems to email me back whatsoever or contact me nor do they contact my wife and I have left information how they can get a hold of both of us including addresses email and phone numbers to both of us. no one seems to care whatsoever that it has taken almost four months for my wife to receive one 8x10 envelope of documents only, this is not a box it is only an envelope.

User's recommendation: I certainly would not trust them that's for sure if it takes 4 months and yet my mail is still not in the receiver's hands.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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