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I ordered in a shop in shopee and it was with free shipping via lbc with payment option cash on delivery. I am a VERY responsible customer, because I always check the status of my order and patiently wait for it to arrive at home.

I've been ordering things online for a long time now and I've never had issues whatsoever, but then there's this NON DELIVERY STATUS on one of my latest orders! I asked around...apparently, it means they tried to deliver my order and that there was no one to receive it at that time when they got to my doorstep...which is sooo NOT TRUE, because as I've said I am a VERY responsible customer and I makes sure that there is always someone to recieve my package if ever I wasn't home! The most infuriating part is that I was home at the said time and no one arrived! They never came to my house!

This is such a disappointment and not to mention a big inconvenience! What are you gonna do with my order now huh? No one is even reaching out to me like they used to! The usual delivery dude from lbc would always call me at least 1 hour before my package gets to my doorstep!

I was waiting at home and no one came or called whatsoever and yet you make these claims!

You've lost one customer for that. Bye lbc.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lbc Express Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Nakakainis.Ganitong ganito din nangyyare saken.last day out for delivery na daw hintay ako ng hintay biglang non delivery naman.Update ako ng update ganun ang lumalbas.Ung item ko pa naman na hinihintay is out of stock sa lahat ng malls.Sana naman madeliver myo pa rin

to CheeryShrimp826 #1673156

Nareceive mo nb?


Same here 5 days nako nag hihintay hangga ngayon wala pa. Mag hapon naghintay nanay ko for the item.

Walang dumating.

Ni reminders na yung shipping parating na wala din. Then kagising ko this morning to check the status bigla "Non Delivery".


Hi. Ano na nangyari, never na dumating orders mo?

It happened din sakin, i was waiting the whole week. The whole day (after i received their sms). No one came. Then boom.

Non delivery status. Wow


ME TOO. Umorder din ako sa shopee.

Nasa bahay ako maghapon today. Pero wala namang dumadating. Wala ring tumatawag sakin. Samantalang dati tatawag yung delivery guy or magtetext sakin lbc.

Pero walang ganun. Wala ngang nakalagay sa status ng order ko na please expect the delivery ganun ganun pero biglang pagtingin ko kanina sa order ko nakalagay POSTED STATUS NONDELIVERY. THE **** LBC!! KAILANGANG KAILANGAN KO YUNG ITEM NA YUN AT OUT OF STOCK NA YUN DUN SA SELLER.



Ganun din nangyari sakin first return to sender, re-order ulit ako, kahapon non delivery naman, maghapon ako naghhntay, wala na nga ako magawa na mga dapat ko gawin kakahintay, importante po yung shipment dahil kailangan na parts ng motor ko para magamit ko na ulit, hirap pag ganyan na malaking company, walang pakialam sa maliliit na customers


same here kanina pako nag aantay din biglang Non delivery hayst! ANO NA LBC NAKAKAWALA KAYO NG GANA POOOO


Same here. 10 days ako naghintay.

Last night tiningnan ko yung status FAILED DELIVERY CONSIGNEE UNKNOWN and meron pangalan na nakalagay na hindi naman ako! Nakakainis edi wala na. Then today morning biglang nagtext LBC na idedeliver na daw order ko. Ako naman si hintay ulit.

Nung 3pm na nag check ulit ako ng status kasi ang tagal biglang RETURN TO SELLER INITIATED na!

Wala man lang pumunta dito sa bahay! Then ganun na for unknown reason!


ano na lbc galaw galaw din san na? nagtext pa kayo ngayon wala padin. baguhin nyo sistema nyo masyadong bulok


Ako nga rin po nakita ko na lang na RETURN TO SELLER na yung status.. I was like what?!

Naghintay ako sa mismong gate eh ni walang dumating.. Ayon nasa scs returns raw..

to Anonymous #1573620

Nakuha nyo pa po ba yung parcel nyo?


nakakapikon to i expected my order today and ilang days ko na hinihintay yung order ko kasi gagamitin ko today ang ending falied delivery/non delivery.. eh di nga ko maka alis ng bahay dahil hinihintay ko yung item ko so ano gagawin ko jan di ko na kailangan... nakakapang gigil!!!


I just experienced this just now. Nagmessage sila this morning na for delivery daw yung order today.

Then I checked the status nga ganun na.

Sobrang nakakapikon. If they just got lazy because it was raining kanina then napaka unprofessional nila sa totoo lang.

to Anonymous #1663516

Maam my contact no kau ng iriga lbc


Same case, one minute palang sinabing out for delivery sinabi naman na out of delivery zone. Wow naiinis na ko. Ano ba parang scam to ha?!


LBC how can you not deliver my item!?? Napakaimportante nun para gawin niyo yan!!!

How to trust your service this time?? !!!!


pareho po tayo ng issue kanina lang po nangyari, wala akong text or tawag na narecieved na darating yung order ko para sabihan sana na ang mama ko ang magrecieved.

to Mary Joy Capulong #1500437

Hi,nareceive mo?


Such a poor service.Nawawala mga importateng gamit! Binubuksan ang box!

What the heck malala ang tagal e refund tangna its almost 4 months di niyo pa nirerefund yung nawalang cellpone! Tsk POOR SERVICE!


100% just like mine, whole day im at home but no one arrive even call me before they deliver!no one come then they say non delivery status!! what the ****!!!!

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