I sent an important document to Supreme Court of the Philippines through this courier because they claim to be the Hari ng Padala and it will be only take 24 hours for the sendee to received it. I sent it May 21, 2013 and was received by Manila LBC Delivery Team on May 22, 2013, 7:25 in the morning (per LBC tracking service).

But sad to say it was not delivered on that day. I follow up the following day, May 23, called their customer service hotline for FOUR (4) times, only to be told that it was for delivery and to wait until 7pm because it's up to that time that they deliver. It was an IMPORTANT document that was DUE the day before and you will tell me to wait until 7pm to know if they deliver it OR NOT? The ending story of the day is - SENDEE DID NOT GET THE DOCUMENTS AGAIN ON TIME!

LBC let you track your package but they can not track their own employee who delivers the package...tsk, tsk, tsk.

I am very disappointed with their service. Please improve it.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Dapat ang maging sulusiyon nila if they can afford to purchase a tracking device, It is the simpliest way to track in real time for us not to worry.


Package tracker #321126293708 was for delivery since 17th June, dispatched at 9:33am,

But up until now, it is on out for delivery status.........


They're very bad at what they do! They are the worst!


Hi Ma'am/Sir. We apologize for the inconvenience, we could further help you out if you provide your tracking number and contact information on this page or through pm (for LBC facebook account) we would like to help you and still deliver our company's policy. Again we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience

Our facebook page is: facebook.com/lbcexpress

Our Hotline 02-8585999 (Local) or 1800-10-8585999 (Provincial) .

-LBC Express Team


I have sent my 3 boxes since October 12,2014 for Christmas.But sad to say until now they haven't receive it yet... Is now January 4 2015.. This is Effin ridiculous..!!!

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #908137

I had my balikbayan box sent last Aug.18,2014 and until now my family is waiting for that box. they say it will only take 2 months but it is already 3 months and all the goods in that box had an expiry date.

This happened 2x already and they did not do anything. So next time i might switch to Forex..LBC *** me off bigtime..poor service, poor customer service..


Naiinis na ako lbc ha.nun august 9 2014 pa napick up d2 sa dubai un box ako.what the date already is 0ctober 7 2014. 56 days almost may box hanggang ngaun di pa natatanggap ng pamilya ko.....

nun tumawag ako sa hot line nyo all your customercare are rude. Tinanung ko how many % iasure mu sken na un box ko ay it is close pag natanggap ng pamilya ko. Anung sagot ng engot nyo customer service sken.di ko po maiasure sayo madam. What a rude answer db.

Ang masa2bi ko lng sa nagtatrabaho sa lbc plzzz....wag nyo pakialamanan ang bagahe ng customer nyo.alm nyo kng gaanu kahirap un dinadanas naming lungkot maibigy lng namin sa pamilya namin ang maka2pagpasaya sa kanila.kpg nataps ang october 15 at di pa natatnggap ng pamilya ko ang box ko na ipinadala sa inyo un management nyo ang mala2got sken...... magsasampa talago ako ng complain....

to My #894623


San Bruno, California, United States #843146

i sent my cargo to last month to the lbc coz i always send money there and on time but sometimes the person in the phils are all rude and minding other business like i send a money to my gf and saying how small i send to her what the *** and what the *** r they , kinda jelly to the amount coz their salary isnt enough for them in 1 day like 350 pesos per day and sometimes they kinda ignoring my gf .if my box didnt come or my gf didnt recieve the box im willing to sue them and i will do to make their company a MOUNTAIN *** IN FB AND YOU TUBE, i will ask other,my frends that had send boxes and lost a lots of chocolates perfume to wear lbc uniform. hope this idea will be good to the people been sick and tired and angry to this company to make a video ,scatered it in fb and youtube to remove the LBC FOR GOOD


tracking online is not working paging lbc ang hirap hindi ma track ang package namin kung nasaan at kung ano ang status..bakit pa kayo naglagay ng online..


Tracking service online is not working...


I feel you. I am supposed to receive my passport Lat May 16 pa.

Until now, I haven't received anything yet. I am trying to use their tracking system on line but it's not working properly.

Tsk.. their services suck!!

An Nafal, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia #814005

sobrang tagal nga ngayon bumagal ang lbc cguro yan ang last na papa pakage ako

Quezon City, Manila, Philippines #813621

I'm very disappointed about your service ,,, I renewed my passport at sm mega mall branch as soon as I take my receipt i go to branch location same floor ,,, I thought it's more convenient if I can used courier but it's not ! My passport was release dated may 7 ,,it's supposed to be deliver after 1 day release from main ,,but I,m waiting no passport will be deliver,,,,,I track my # they give it to me.

But my # is wrong. Pls,, do something ,,need for quick service ,,,passport is important documents ,,,if no clients no employee no work no company ,,,

London, London, United Kingdom #811693

tanong ko lng po kung kailan ang exact date ng dating ng box ko sa pinas my name is redila pedraza...thanks a lot

Manila, Manila, Philippines #809775

Itatanong ko sana kung kailan darating ang sea cargo ko galing ng Italy....pinadala jo ng last week ng february... ang name ko ay noel carpio


Grabe naman pala sa kupad itong LBC na ito. Feb 14, 2014 pa napadala ang package ko, hanggang ngayon di pa natatanggap. Kala ko ba hari ng padala!

From Houston TX


Tatanong ko lang if kelan ba talaga maidedeliver yung package ko?

Kasi ang nakalagay april 24 ma idedeliver na sya pero april 26 na wala pa din..

tinawagan na din kanina umaga,ang sabi ngayon daw hapon..until now wala pa rin naman..

nakaka disappoint lang :(


gusto kong itrack yung pinadala ko kahapon pero no available data naman]

London, England, United Kingdom #791890

Ive sent po last dec05 from uk then na taggap nila sa pinas feb20 this yr 2014 pero andami nawala sa box how can i contact and ask help to lbc company they ony said i need to email

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