I was supposed to claim money that was sent to me earlier today. like i usually do, i took a number and fill out the form.

Theres no much customers during the time so i was wondering why i have to wait for so long. I waited still and when they called my number, they asked for my LBC card, i took my wallet out cause thats where i remember putting it, but its not there and i said that i dont have it. The teller/staff then told me that she cant assisst me coz i dont have a card. I asked if she can use my id's coz i really need to get the money asap(and i have a lot of id's).

She refused and she that "they" cannot really assist me without an LBC card. I just want to emphasize that i went to that particular branch and had the money sent to "LBC" for a faster and convenient transfer especially that i needed it right away. I dont know if your terms had changed but you could have atleast let people know that they cant be assisted without an LBC card, so they can save time instead of waiting in the line for nothing.

You can also have your employees undergo a training (again, if they had one) for a faster and friendlier cust service. I am not saying that all LBC branches are like this, but please do something about one in LuckyGold.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lbc Express Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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