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I just want to share how LBC's incompetency and unprofessionalism ruined my 2 week supposed to be PAID SICK LEAVE.

MARCH 25, 2013

- I was sick and couldn't go to work, as per my doctor's advice I need to be on bed rest for 2 weeks and should be fit to go back to work on APRIL 08, 2013.

2 weeks of no work means no pay since I don't have my sick leave credits yet and best thing to do is to use my SSS sickness benefit and I have to file a loan for me to get paid.

- I got my SSS form signed by my attending physician, I also got a separate medical certificate, but one problem is I couldn't find anybody who could go to our office and submit these documents on my behalf.

- An Idea came up, LBC is known for fast deliveries and also a trusted company (so as they say) I immediately went to one of their branch in PANDACAN, MANILA and asked how long will it take for the document to arrive in its designation. Their personnel "JESSIE SALAMANES" said it will arrive after lunch time the following day. So I was so relieved thinking LBC was and answered prayer, and I paid PHP 80.00 and put the consignee's complete name, address and phone number.

MARCH 26, 2013 1:00PM - I texted the consignee which was my supervisor and asked whether if she already received the document, said she didn't, so I asked someone to go back to LBC and checked what happened. As per LBC'c associate "MIKE" (don't know the last name) the delivery man will try to deliver it till 7pm of that day and if in any case the consignee wasn't in the building/address anymore, the delivery man will leave the mail at the guard/receptionist for it to be forwarded to the consignee.

So I again believed them and asked the consignee to check it on the following day.

MARCH 27, 2013 - My supervisor called again and asked for the document, she said she even asked the receptionist at the lobby area but was told no mail was left for her and no LBC deliveries came.

We waited until the end of office hours but still no mail came.

MARCH 28-29, 2013 - No work during Holidays, so I was thinking that possibly the mail has been delivered at a later time last March 27.

April 01, 2013 - Was still declared holiday since we we're handling Australian accounts; it was a no work day. No one could check the mail for me.

APRIL 02, 2013 - My supervisor called me and said she hasn't received the mail yet.

I asked my partner to go back to LBC and checked what happened, He was told that it is in the LBC MAKATI HUB as they tried sending the mail thrice but turned out to be an unknown consignee, The first attempt they made was MARCH 26, 2013 3:25pm and 2 other delivery attempts were made after that but turned out with the same result. The delivery associate "MANUEL RESUELLO JR." said he spoke to a certain "S/G ALANANO" from the address. My partner was then given phone # to call 844-31-90 and cellphone # 09084866133.

I went back to LBC upon hearing this lame excuse. They told me the same story and seems like I couldn't do anything but to wait. I was so frustrated. I don't know how on earth this happened when the address, the consignee’s name and phone # are complete and correct. The delivery associate didn’t even bother to call the consignee when he was told that the consignee was unknown in that building.


1. Why will I put the consignee’s name on that address if she isn’t related to it?

2. Why on earth did they place a contact # field on their delivery slip/form if they wouldn’t use it?

I then told the LBC Pandacan branch associate to try to redeliver the mail on that day and if they still can’t, at least get it returned to their branch and I’ll just pick it up. I gave them till Thursday and was told they will notify me of the status for my request.

I called the #’s provided where I could raise a complain but none of these were working.

APRIL 04, 2013 - LBC again failed me. No notification.

I learned that the S/G ALANANO doesn’t work in our building and was assigned in PSE and the delivery associate was trying to deliver the mail in PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) instead of MSE (Makati Stock Exchange). They have the same physical address but ***! MSE is different with PSE and the building name is even included in the ADDRESS of the consignee.

Let’s say the address is misleading, you still have 2 other information left right, and you got the name and the phone #. Why not use it to track the consignee??!

APRIL 05, 2013 – 7:00 I went back to LBC, spoke to JESSIE SALAMANES was told a request was made last April 2, 2013 for an RTO but till now the status was still forwarded to MALATE branch. No updates as to whether the mail was received by the branch already or what. I waited for 2 hours but I wasn’t given and definite answer. I demanded to get the mail before lunchtime for me to somehow try to get it filed to the company I worked for but all the associate could say was she wasn’t sure and she’ll just text me with any updates,

I received a text message late afternoon, and it was also too late for me to go to our office for it was nearing end of office hours already.

I wasn’t even refunded for this. No apologies. No nothing.

Now I am left with my medical documents which I couldn’t file anymore for it was already past deadline and I will also not be paid for my 2 week leave of absences because of LBC’s incompetency. Maybe it was my fault that I trusted LBC. Or it could be LBC’s fault that they hired unreliable and incompetent persons like these associates.

I won’t ever use your service again and I’ll make sure that this will be spread out so you won’t be trusted anymore!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lbc Express Mail Service.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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July 02, 2016 07:45:26 AM ACCEPTED AT:LAZADA




July 04, 2016 12:45:00 PM OUT FOR DELIVERY July 04, 2016 12:56:10 PM RECEIVED AT CEBU DISTRIBUTION TEAM July 04, 2016 01:17:39 PM RECEIVED AT SF - CEBU July 04, 2016 01:50:54 PM FORWARDED TO SF - CEBU July 04, 2016 02:00:00 PM POSTED STATUS : CONSIGNEE UNKNOWN NO NAME GIVEN WTF!!!!


very disappointed! i have tracked that my item was already out last April 5, 2016 pa..

but WHERE IS THAT RIGHT NOW??? whats the use of our mobile numbers/contact number para ma inform kami ahead of time of the items you were supposed to deliver.


LBC anu ba talaga ang contarata nyo with Lazada? porke ba free shipping kaya di nyo dinideliver yng item tapos may website pa kayong nalalaman eh wla namang gumagana?

gusto nyo pa i-post namin ang private numbers namin dito eh di ba sa order slip meron na kaming number dun na pwede nyo macontact? Dapat siguro magpalit na lang ng courrier ang Lazada kasi nakakasira kayo ng business.

to Anonymous #1247541

So true. LBC's webtalk and webchat do not even work. Its website is inutile.


Good Day Sir/Madam. Meron po kami urgent na pinadala kase po mag ttravel via abroad yong person na pinadlhan namin ng package hindi nya po natangap ng sabado pinadala po nya ng friday, tracking #181256333203 binan laguna po, paki prioritized po monday 11am po papunta sya ng airport..

LBC management pls check my package.. God Bless Dec 18 Po pinadala expected 19 po.

Need po matangap ng monday morning.. plzzzz


They Very Unprofessional. They have website kuno hindi naman ngwowork.

Bad Customer Service and Rude Employee.

Hay thats why we put contact number for incase hindi makita pero wala din kwenta. This company need to Close!

to kimberlysantos1218 Zamboanga City, Zamboanga, Philippines #1077799

At least for me LBC is better than 2GO...

For short, it is not a problem to our delivery company anymore, its a problem on our government... :)

They should put a law against this...

Like internet connection... Everything in this country is SLOW...

-Vincent Roy Diaz


LBC should be sued for their incompetence! They ruin people's plans!


sue LBC to bankrupsy!!


Hi Sir Manuel

We apologize for what had happened to your delivery, we could further help you out if you provide your contact information on this page or through pm (for LBC facebook account) or DM (for LBC Twitter account) we would like to help you and still deliver our company's policy. Again we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience

Our facebook page is: facebook.com/lbcexpress

Our Twitter page: @LBCexpress

-LBC Express Team


Hi Ma'am/Sir

We apologize for what had happened to your delivery, we could further help you out if you provide your contact information on this page or through pm (for LBC facebook account) or DM (for LBC Twitter account) we would like to help you and still deliver our company's policy. Again we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience

Our facebook page is: facebook.com/lbcexpress

Our Twitter page: @LBCexpress

-LBC Express Team


I send a box for my kids last dec.13,,,at 1st im so amaze coz as for advertisement they say it takes only 42 days from calgary canada to philippines but february na dumating sa amin plus some stuff are missing!!!nakakadala talaga!!!what a shame on your company!!!


For the past few times, we've been sending the

Balikbayan boxes through LBC branch Salinas CA 93906.

My complain is thesame, still no pick up until this moment but the

charges are thesame and with some type of irritating question na

"mabigat ba"? This company is making such an amount of money

"with less services rendered" to customers..

Please, whoever in charged of this facility to provide personnel to pick up balik bayan boxes, we're already and having a hard time carrying those boxes.. For now, LBC is one less customer until the issue is resolved and will advertise this complain to all my friends not to use the LBC services until such action is taken..


I've had similar problems as well though not as bad as yours. We were waiting for an important document to arrive fom Cavite via LBC.

It was supposed to be delivered the next day but it was delivered after 3 days.

They keep on saying that they couldn't find the address(like, what?!).

It's like the delivery persons they hire doesn't have the common sense to use the contact number when he needs directions or whatever. Tsk :(

to Kim #810441

i am into that same mess at the moment (apr 30, 2014). the document sent last sunday (apr 27,2014) is supposed to arrive yesterday (apr 29, 2014)because they deliver in two days max for virac-manila.

i need that document this week and today is the deadline for its submission. but office hours is so over and i was not able to submit such document. when we called and follow up twice, lbc's customer care said our house was closed yesterday! what?

we never left the house just to wait for that document. and the guards on duty didnt report any delivery from lbc. whew! that cost me over Php 3,000.

incompetent people! :(

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