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Usually, you will receive the item after a day it was sent.The sender sent the item from Aklan last June 15. How come it still hasn't been delivered to the outlet it was sent to? It is already June 17, two days after sending. Why is that? Are they using a ship to deliver the packages? The item was a very important document. What I was irritated about is, I have expected it to arrive yesterday so I could make it to the deadline today. But then,...
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Anonymous Ay naku pati samin..were expecting n after 2dys mrerecieve n nmin ang parcel pro wla..nag antay p kmi ng 5days tlga..

We pay next-day delivery, and yet they remorselessly say "walang assurance" that your item will arrive on the said day.Item was supposed to arrive May 28 but it hasn't and no one knows where the item is. The status is "forwarded" since 5am, forwarded from their Pasay sorting office. They do not track the vehicles or drivers they dispatch and so your item can very well get lost yet they will not even be able to help pinpoint the staff responsible...
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Anonymous Email . U will get a reply. Pls report your concern asap. LBC has been so lax on most of the complaints. I
Think we need to file a class suit or wr...

I liked
  • Online tracking
I didn't like
  • Long delays
  • Lack of communication
  • Incompetent customer service
Worst courier ever! Happened twice that my seller sent a package from Cebu to Manila, and they claim to have misrouted this on both occasions stating it was delivered to the wrong zone /hub! My sender made the cut off on both occasions for next day delivery and it never happened! You are supposedly a courier service how can you not have mastered which hub to deliver to all these years??? JRS is far more efficient, I've never experienced any...
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Anonymous Correct Manila to Cebu hindi dumating yung package ko...