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I would like to get a claim for a refund. Just to give you an idea.I'm a seafarer.My flight was originally scheduled last December 26, 2015 6:30 am going to Manila, then Manila to Amsterdam by 8:pm on the same date to join my ship.The case is like this, Last December 18, 2015, LBC manila picked my documents that includes my passport from my company Maersk Line. My manager was told from LBC representative that I will be able to get my documents by Sunday December 20, 2015, since the shipping will only take for 3-4 days. We arranged for pick up in SM CDO so it won't take long to deliver the docs to my end. What happen was I went to LBC SM by Monday December 21, 2015 just to give allowance, but I was told that my parcel is not yet delivered to their end and it was shipped via sea cargo, a third party company for LBC. So, the SM LBC representative advised me to go to your warehouse to make sure that it won't take long to get the docs. I went to Baloy CDO LBC warehouse to get my parcel last December 23, 2015, then I was told that it was not yet delivered to their end because of the reason that Cebu Pac is congested. The man whom I spoke to said that there will be a delivery coming from Manila in the evening on the same day. So I gave my number for them to be able to contact me directly so I can go there right away. Just to give you an idea I live in Xavier Heights so Baloy warehouse is very far from my location. I need to spend money to be there and need to ride a taxi, plus my flight going to Manila was scheduled December 26, 2015 6:30 AM, then from Manila to Amsterdam will be 8:00 pm on the same day, that is why I need my passport ASAP. I went to your warehouse again in the morning of December 24, 2015 co'z i'm already worried with my parcel. And again I was told that my parcel is not yet delivered. The lady whom I spoke which is Mae said that there will be a delivery again coming from Manila by December 24 or 25, so as soon as they will go back to work by December 26, 2015 they will text me right away. So I was thinking after all the delayed maybe my parcel will be included on that day, so I rebook my ticket by 2pm on the same day so I still have time to go to LBC to get my parcel.I paid 1,500 to rebook the ticket Again my parcel is not included on that day and Mae told me that they don't know when will be delivered. So I asked my Manager to rebook my flight because my parcel is not yet delivered. So she rebook my ticket going abroad by December 28, 2015. and on my end I also need to rebook my ticket going to Manila by December 28, 2015 and needs to pay for another 3,811. On the same day Mae from LBC called me and was told to pick up my parcel by 2:30 PM..It was a very inconvenient that I need to go personally to your warehouse and rebook my flight. I was given a contact number to your warehouse but the sad part there is I keep on calling the number but no answer. I tried 2 days before I went to your warehouse and decided not to call but to go personally. The number is very useless. I don't want to claim for my fare going back and fort to your warehouse anymore all I want is to get a claim for the money I spend to rebook my ticket twice. Attached is the receipt and all the documents needed or a proof that I have my flight schedule on those days that I mentioned. Take note that I got my parcel after 8 days.

Hoping for your reply soon.

Review about: Lbc Express Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Very irritating, Customer service.

I didn't like: Sorry but still have no feedback, Website, Non delivery of items, Waiting the whole day for pick-up, Liar.

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I am an online seller but then all the orders that I was waiting never delivered and it was before christmas 2017 and I was told that it was return to sender!what the heck I was waiting for it and they never delivered it how come it was return to sender?LBC BALOY such a shame to your employees....


You need to do something about lbc baloy branch!!!!!


any update with my case?


The best thing to do is to sue them for damages. Lbc is a very indfficient snd unreliable courier. Dapat dyan msgsara na.

to Anonymous #1092275

dapat lang talaga magsara

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