I am really upset with the way you handle the delivery of our money transmittal to the Mission field. The recipient drove all the way to LBC Legaspi (about 2 hour drive); twice, only to be turned down.

LBC Vallejo called our church treasurer telling her to change the status from delivery to pick-up in Sorsogon. However, LBC Legaspi at SM texted him (the recipient) that the money was ready. So, instead of going to LBC Sorsogon, the recipient went to Legaspi only to discover that the issue was the same and did not communicate to LBC branches what was happening. LBC Legaspi, said they made a mistake.

I begged LBC Legaspi and LBC call center to release the money since the recipient was already there and I was willing to put my name should there be problem because we have been transacting with LBC for all our stay here in US (and we are not changing that). However, my disappointment in the way the transaction went was so poor, to say the least.

I gave my phone number to one of your call center operators (Des) and she promised that she will call me within 30 minutes (while the recipient was waiting at LBC SM Legaspi) but she never called me back and when I transacted a call back; (sometimes they even hang up the phone) someone told me (Travis I think) that she went to lunch (really??) Doesnt she understood that the recipient was waiting, to which I asked for the manager and I was told that the manager will call me back-resulted to nothing.

A person can only go so far with his patience I suppose, but when I was willing to put my integrity on the line for the sake of those people who are in the Mission field in begging to release the money, it means that every second counts (needless to say the pandemic affecting them). Here is my number should you want to contact me (707) 330-****.

Until then, and please do not use the word pissed...it does not sound ethical nor professional...as you are professional money and cargo services.

Rizaldo Espinoza

(707) 330-****

User's recommendation: Please say what you mean and mean what you say.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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