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I went to lbc bucal calamba laguna branch at around 1pm.the lbc staff a guy who is not very nice said,I cannot have a transaction anymore.he is giving numbers to customers and it already ended. I asked how can I get a number,he said come back at 8 am the next day so i can get a number and wait for my number to be called.apparently,he has a numbering system but its invalid if its already 1pm.the customers inside the branch are very few but he still said he cannot accomodate me anymore very rude.i picked up parcels in different branches in lipa,there are no numbering system and there is no time limit.the guy in lnc bucal calamba laguna branch should be nice to the customers and what kind of lbc is that?declining to transact to a customer because the numbering system ended already?very inconvenient to think i went there at 1pm!he should accommodate customers when they go to their branch!

User's recommendation: Call that guy in lbc bucal calamba laguna branch.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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