So I applied for a new card last March kya lang because of covid they didn't deliver it yet. I got a text last July saying na they will deliver my card na.

I never got it. Reason ni LBC cannot find address. My billing address for my other credit card same bank is the same so I don't get why they can't find the address when I'm receiving my billing statement regularly on the same address. So I called BDO to verify and they told me about the failed delivery.

I asked for it to be delivered again and waited for another month but to ko avail. Alas I called the third time because another month passed Wala la rin update so LBC so I just called to cancel the card since it never got to me but just this week of September I got another msg from LBC saying they will deliver my card. What nonsense is this when BDO assured me they already cancelled the card even gave me reference number but now they are delivering it again. Please don't fall for this scam.

I don't know who's lying if BDO of LBC or maybe both are accomplices. They will keep your card maybe since never na sya na deliver.

Question is will they be able to use it even though it isn't activated? It can only be activated using my registered phone number right?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lbc Express Delivery Service.

Location: Quezon City, Manila

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